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EEEEEEEEEEEEEExctiing news once again fellas! The debut record by the awesome awesome awesome Faster Glenn is now available from us and distros all around. They were featured as Demo of the Week some months ago on Indiepages and they are one of our new favourite swedish outfits.
Leaded by Christoffer Lärkner from The Faintest Ideas (One of the best indie bands of the past decade?) This ep has four beautiful songs with amazingly "straigth-to-the-heart" lyrics, jangly guitars, trumpets and trombones, bearded guys and Christoffer`s unique voice.
You know you can´t miss this record!

* In other exciting news don´t forget that if you are around New York between may 20th and 23rd you can catch Leaving Mornington Crescent playing next to Elephant Parade, Sweater Girls, Dream Diary, Veronica Falls and Horowitz! at NYC Popfest, that`s exciting as its their first gig ever in the USA. They will be playing SF and Copenhagen Popfests aswell right after that!

Hey everyone, so! A lot of delays here in Susy world, St. Christopher and Twisterella singles are both already out on the label, and Faster Glenn will be out really soon! So, just a quick note to let you all know that if you haven´t noticed it already, there are two new great distros in the indiepop country, that is, Pebble Records from UK and Jigsaw Records from the States, runned by Chris Mac, you all must know him from Indiepages and the several bands he has and plays with. Find their links here, on a side of the website, and to those who got to attend London Popfest, hope you all had tons of fun watching Leaving Mornington Crescent, The Wake, Horse Shoes! The Pines, Rose Melberg, ooooh so many awesome bands!!! oh well, that`s it for now! Hope to write here soon with new releases!

Two new releases! And boy! Are they good!
First off is Aujourd´hui Madame (Yeah! again!) With a tape on Best Kept Secret and a sold out release on Susy, Monsier Phillippe Lavergne is back with a brand new 3" that for me definetly tops their past work. The DELUXE EP is already available, and I suggest you get a hold of it while it lasts, as El Americano ep was our first sold out single a few months ago!

In a few days that beautiful Sarah band called St. Christopher will be released on Susy aswell, with their new single If Black Was Blue that includes a live acoustic version of The Last Laugh. Pardon me for saying this, but Im quite proud that a band such as St. Christopher has allowed me to release their new ep, you know, after being in Sarah Records and all. If Black Was Blue has also been released by Edition 59 in Germany with two different songs on it, so you probably might want to check that one out too.

And last but not least! Twisterella will be released on Susy before the end of the year, but more about that one when the time is right!

See you soon everyone and DON'T STOP INDIEPOP!



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